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Pro Soccer Agent is an international player's agent in the football world, recognised by the FIFA, UEFA and the Ministry of the Flemish Community. Both players and clubs can call upon our services.

Our extensive scouting network and our constant striving to provide top-quality services guarantee a successful collaboration tailored to the club and the players.

Philippe Coosemans is the founder of Pro Soccer Agent. He has many years of experience as a personal advisor and supervisor of players. With his team he maintains daily national and international contacts with clubs and soccer players.

Our team

player's agent Philippe Coosemans
Philippe Coosemans UEFA-recognised agent
T: (0032) 487 33 83 30
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Talent Scout Christiaan Verbeeck
Christiaan Verbeeck Talent Scout and Webmaster

T: (0032) 477 61 43 81
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Talent Scout Jens Van Troye
Jens Van Troye Talent Scout

T: (0032) 486 76 03 73
Email Jens
Talent Scout Patrick Rypens
Patrick Rypens Talent Scout

T: (0032) 498 57 75 11
Email Patrick
Talent Scout Bayo Owa
Bayo Owa Talent Scout
T: (0032) 488 25 40 69
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Talent Scout Pharison Nkangu Dila
Pharison Nkangu Dila Talent Scout
T: (0032) 465 88 76 33
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Talent Scout Johan Yangassa
Johan Yangassa Talent Scout
T: (0032) 496 35 36 99
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