Pro Soccer Agent and BSU have entered a partnership

The football agency Pro Soccer Agent and BSU (Belgian Soccer University) have entered a partnership to optimize the support with regards to the players` development. Through this alliance, Prosocceragent expands its services and shows itself to be a pioneer to shape football players as young as possible, to increase their odds of having a succesful career.

``Our core business is to be the professional link between player and club.`` - Philippe Coosemans (PSA). ``Next to that we strive to assist our players as good as possible. By adding BSU`s service to our service agency, we offer players the oppportunity to develop themselves to the fullest extent.

Johannes Coulembier (BSU): ``We do not only help players through tips & tricks in how they can cope with pre-match nerves, but we also incorporate the realization that there are no limits to one`s capability. We help the players by making a personal developing plan, because a player that trains without being convinced of his own capabilities, will never discover his potential.``

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